It’s refreshing to hear the bassoon edging its way towards the sonic foreground in contemporary music. Anyone with doubts about how cool the instrument can be has perhaps not yet heard bassoonist and core member of ICE Rebekah Heller perform; in her hands, the oft-underappreciated woodwind is transformed into a fierce creature that cannot be ignored onstage. Whether the music being performed is a cadenza from a Mozart piece or a new work by an ICELab participant, she will make you wonder how you never noticed the instrument before.
— New Music Box
 Photo By:  Chelsea Ross

Photo By: Chelsea Ross

Praised for her “flair” and “deftly illuminated” performances by The New York Times, bassoonist Rebekah Heller is a uniquely dynamic solo and collaborative chamber artist, and is fiercely committed to expanding the modern repertoire for the bassoon.  Her debut solo album of world premiere recordings (featuring five new pieces written with and for her), 100 names, was called "pensive and potent" by The New York Times and her newly-released second album, METAFAGOTE, is receiveing wide acclaim.

A member of the renowned International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) since 2008, and a member of the artist-staff since 2010, Rebekah has been a committed advocate for underrepresented voices and outrageous experimentation. Not only is she committed to advancing the music of our time, she also is deeply committed to working with younger musicians to continue the ICY legacy of fearless exploration and deep collaboration. She is greatly looking forward to her second summer teaching, performing, and coaching at the Banff Centre’s ICE-led summer program, Ensemble Evolution.